Inspired by the curves of nature, uses an organic language to give shape to a fruit bowl
Sinosa gently gathers fruits as a leaf collects water drops.

Design By Aurore Brard

The harmoniously bend metal wires seem to lose their weight and rigidity becoming elegant lines.

Aurore Brard

Aurore Brard is a social product and service designer.

She wants to make a positive impact on the daily life of a wider audience. Not limiting design to a stan- dard user, who isn’t the representation of all the people that would actually use your service, product or platform. Our society is rich in its diversity. Design is a tool that can make us go forward, without syste- matically excluding some of us. Let’s involve more people to bring autonomy and comfort to more than the “average user”.

Aurore Brard believes that inclusive design can bring well-being to more people.

She can connect very easily with people from di erent backgrounds. That’s how she can get to understand their speci c needs. Within collabora- tions Aurore Brard sets a priority to a good commu- nication with the di erent stakeholders involved. Without forgetting the end user who has a key role in the project development. Her network enables her to work as a team with exible

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