an all-Italian furniture design brand creating iconic pieces made by metallic wire. Founded by the designer ENRICO GIROTTI, as synthesis of a vast research on forms, materials and relationship lapiega design is built upon the concept of metallic wire forging a relationship between the strength and hardness of the metal, staged through the lines of the objects. the object is determined by a sign, which, like a pencil stroke, designes the border between full and empty.


The wire design collection of lapiegaWD is characterized by elasticity and flexibility of design that uses wire, solid, durable and resistant, bent into shape with care and precision, completely made in Italy The collection has a slim and elegant design, it uses different finishes allowing these products to be placed in different types of contexts, thanks to the different finishes available and wide range of fabrics.


lapiegaWD create and develop products in high quality not only aesthetically very beautiful but even the most comfortable as possible.In the creation of our products relationships are fundamental: from the relation between the designer and the people who partecipate in the creation of the product up to the end user.This network allows the creation of top quality items, personalized from the beginning to meet every need.

Our philosophy on what we do

For us everything is a flow because there is non separation between the project,  the product and the user

We create, improve and take care of our design continuously.

We always research. We are on our way to something new every time