Wire Metal and Finishes

The absolute protagonist of the collection is the Metallic wire. It is folded and worked according to the creative idea of the designer. The idea is implemented step by step through careful bending of metal. The choice of a material such as metal is important to us, it is strength, durable and allows to create timeless object.

We have much researched in high quality and pricey galvanic finishes that enhance our product


Gold Polished
Gold Matt
Handbrushed Brass
Gold Matt
Copper Polished
Ultrablack polished
Handbrushed Brass
Chrome Polished
Rainbow finishing
Wild and unexpected surface finish

Special finish with unique and unexpected industrial effect, characterized by an iridescent chromatic effect.
This treatment develops different colors and highly variable surface finishes with a non-constant degree of lucidity that can vary over time and is a NON-PRECIOUS finish.

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