Edizioni Enrico Girotti

Edizioni Enrico Girotti presents itself as a rich blend of furnishing elements, each infused with a profound quest to establish a renewed equilibrium capable of expanding the design and technological perimeter that surrounds the very concept of project/object. Taking on the challenge of established methodologies, the aim is to embrace the opportunity to introduce artisanal techniques, giving life to limited series, unique pieces, and advanced customizations, including prototypes and pre-series of lapiega products.
The innermost core is centered on the harmonization, albeit partial, of the fusion between matter and metaphysics. This process eloquently manifests in the object, conveying an experience that transcends the mere functionality of furnishing items, seeking to engage those who contemplate them in a sensory and conceptual journey. The profound dedication to balance reflects the intention to reassess what already exists, with an awareness of its limitations. From this awareness, experimentation and creativity converge to generate functional works of art, capable of eliciting deep emotions and encouraging thoughtful reflection.